Leadership & Team Coaching for Global Organizations

Achieve Outstanding Results With Your High-Performance Team

Leaders worldwide face a relentless rate of volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity (VUCA).

More than ever before, strategic leadership is necessary to promote innovation, streamline processes, and boost productivity. Teams and organizations that make better decisions faster, while improving their execution capability outperform competitors.

Invest in your pipeline and manage your leadership risks

Leadership and team development empower your high-performance team to embrace greater initiative and self-management while you create more bandwidth for your game-changer challenges.
Take your high-performing team to the next level
Build trust, connection, and confidence within your team
Re-engage your leaders and reduce turnover
Redefine peak performance across your organization

Invest in your talent pipeline and manage your leadership risks


Model the team effectiveness you want to see in the organization

Here’s How We Can Work Together

Team Coaching Programs

You have talented leaders and strong individuals who struggle to achieve next-level performance. It could be a challenge to get things done, or you could be preparing for significant changes; no matter where you are on the continuum, the time is now to step up to higher levels of sustained engagement and results.

My highly customized team growth approach
moves through these phases:

1 - Assess

  • Assess current state using the 6 Conditions of Team Diagnostic
  • Conduct key player interviews

2 - Advance

  • Review diagnostic data and set your goals
  • Lead team through the diagnostic & create alignment

3 - Coach

  • Employ team-driven improvement strategies and record wins
  • Leverage coaching (virtual or in-person) to sustain the positive trajectory and results.

Team Diagnostics Surveys

If you want to swing the odds in favor of your team becoming a great team, what are the handful of high-impact actions you can take?

The 6 Team Conditions Diagnostic Survey shows you the way. It is an incredibly well-researched, validated, and reliable tool. Find the essential leverage points by collecting the most salient information so the team can rapidly create alignment on the vital few improvement areas that lead to breakthrough performance.

Strengths-Based Development for Direct Reports

The Thumbprint Leader Group Workshop identifies a leader’s Vital Strengths, the core few that are as unique as their thumbprint. They shine like gems in the most meaningful life experiences and are entirely authentic to the leader.

This highly customized methodology leverages peer collaboration and pairs leaders with an executive coach to illuminate and apply the extraordinary potential impact you can achieve when you align strengths with business needs.

Brent’s Successful Partnerships Include

Helping leaders across the world achieve breakthrough performance

Leaders Coached and Trained

Leadership Programs Developed

Nationalities Coached

Cultures worked in and across

Difficult conversations mediated

Let’s Talk About Your Next Challenge

Step 1

Schedule a Call

Let’s discuss how we can take your high-performing team to the next level

Step 2

Team Clarity and Coaching

Improve your team effectiveness, develop emerging players, and deploy successful leadership training programs

Step 3

Achieve Exponential Growth

Positive, sustained change with a team empowered for the successful path forward

Brent has great insight and experience into the functions and processes of Human Resources and Talent Development. He understands how these areas strategically link to corporate strategy and business objectives and always creates programs that directly link to the bottom line. He is terrific to collaborate and partner with, holds a high bar for everyone including himself, and is always honest, ethical, and very insightful.

Stephanie R
Chief People Officer

Brent is a guru of helping those he works with succeed and achieve their goals in a way that is challenging to the person/team, and strategically meaningful to the organization.

James S.
President, Technology Company

Brent has a deep understanding of how corporate strategy and business objectives are enabled through strategic leadership and talent development. He’s the master of partnering with leadership and implementing programs that directly link to the bottom line.

Mary W
Head of Operations


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