Our work is a chance to be part of something bigger than ourselves. To be known, valued and appreciated.

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My Approach


Beginning: Through a structured and guided process, we’ll go beneath the surface to review peak experiences, core values and what’s truly meaningful to you. What if someone was listening intuitively? What if someone deeply understood who you were?


A-ha Moments: Through ongoing collaboration and conversation, we’ll tap into the wisdom of your brain, heart, body and spirit. I’ll hold you accountable and offer support throughout your journey. At times it will be intense. Vulnerability and fear are part of the process. But with a safe, confidential space, clarity emerges and choices become clear.


Finish Line: You’ve rediscovered who you are, honed your innate qualities with more resonance and at a deeper level than ever before. Fundamentally seeing your challenges differently, you’re now prepared for a successful and sustainable path forward.

Brent strikes a perfect balance.  He pushes me to do the hard work while simultaneously positively reinforcing my best self.  His intuition about when to go deeper is impeccable.  All of this is balanced out with Brent’s quick-witted humor which keeps things light-hearted and fun.  He earns my highest recommendation as a trusted advisor and coach.

Karla J., Health Technology Sector
Through coaching, Brent has helped me to navigate a challenging period of change and supported me to focus on what really matters.  He has a sensitive, empathetic approach, demonstrating a high level of insight and experience, which has been of great value to me.
Naomi W., Physician, UK

As my coach, Brent supported me in reaching my goals.  We worked to identify what was holding me back, and then held me accountable to my true self and to live into all the strengths I innately possess.  It was at times the hardest work I’ve ever done, but throughout I felt supported and more understood than at any other time in my life.

Cecile A., Operations, Insurance Industry

This takes courage:

  • Do you want to feel more capable, respected and successful?

  • Are you choosing to live your values?

  • Are you numbing out to the chaos?

  • Do you realize you have a choice?

  • You’re not committed to change
  • You want me to fix something about you
  • You’re not willing to work on yourself
  • You’re not striving to make a difference