About Brent Mullins

Senior Leadership Experience

25+ Years Leadership in Fortune 200 Complexity

Multicultural Intelligence

Expertise in navigating complex differences in core culture, values, beliefs, business philosophy

Leadership Strategist

Extensive experience in leadership development across cultures and within remote and hybrid environments

Here’s What I Believe

A leader’s impact is undeniable, and the ROI of “good” leadership is even more undeniable. You’re THE catalyst, the secret sauce. You create the tone, and like a radio wave, the strength of your signal reaches every level of the organization.

There is a joy and a privilege in leadership that few roles afford.

Being a leader takes courage, and your openness to strive for the next peak signals strength and inspires others to be vulnerable and reach their potential.

Guru Warren Bennis famously said, “The most dangerous leadership myth is that leaders are born. That’s nonsense; leaders are made rather than born.”

Leaders are never done being “made” however, their contribution must evolve over the years and that requires career-long learning marked by Everest-like growth curves and frustrating plateaus that feel flatter than flat. However, the peaks and valleys have a purpose; they give you crucial experiences where you emerge on the next path leading to your full potential.

Leaders, more than things, must be renewed and revived and given the right spark to reignite the fire. I am here to be your spark, and we can reignite the fire together.

It’s a joy and a privilege to do this work with you.

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Brent Mullins

Brent Mullins is a Certified Executive Coach serving senior leaders in global organizations to create positive, sustained change and achieve exponential growth. Brent’s extensive real-life experience includes executive leadership serving as Global Head of Human Resources at Fortune 200 companies and 25+ years in leadership roles.

Brent understands a leader’s challenge to continually navigate the unspoken rules that can derail even the most accomplished leader. He has designed award-winning leadership development programs, executive team-building initiatives, and worked in multiple disciplines, including operations, sales, client services, organizational development, and business process improvement.
As an expert multicultural leadership strategist, he brings a real-world approach to leadership development across cultures and within remote and hybrid environments. His expertise in navigating complex differences in assumptions, values, beliefs, and core culture is at the heart of his work.

Helping leaders across the world achieve
exponential growth

Leaders Coached and Trained

Leadership Programs Developed

Nationalities Coached

Cultures worked in and across

Difficult conversations mediated

Brent Mullins has been coaching me to success! My team has noted the positive change, so whilst I know I had to do a lot of hard work, I could not have achieved so much without Brent’s consistent support. Brent definitely goes the extra mile to support his coachees. Thank you Brent!

Hannah Gibbin
Deputy Regional Director – West Africa

Here’s What I Can Help You With

Personal Best Performance for Global Leaders

Strengths-Based Leadership Coaching

Team Alignment and Development

Living Your True Potential


Leadership Insight & Impact Reports

Mental Fitness (Positive Intelligence)

Organizational Development Systems

Multicultural Intelligence

Expanding Your Creativity and Resourcefulness

Getting Rid of Imposter Syndrome, Upleveling Confidence

Building a Truly Remarkable Team

Team Diagnostics Surveys

Brent was able to create one of the highest-performing teams I've ever worked on by helping our cross-site team to navigate through the phases of team dynamics until we were a team that could trust each other implicitly, leverage each other's strengths, and essentially stand on our own, which is the true sign that a leader has done their job well.

Karla Jackson
HR Director | Senior Business Partner

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