Certified Executive Coach. Freedom Fighter. Corporate Veteran. Possibilitarian.

Hi. I’m Brent. I have over 25 years experience in executive leadership and organizational complexity at Fortune 200 companies and multi-cultural organizations. I have designed award-winning leadership development programs. And I’ve worked in multiple disciplines including HR, sales, client services, operations and business process improvement.

My favorite part of that journey? Helping people get what they want.

I love coaching leaders and building successful teams. Coaching has always been my default management style and I find it deeply rewarding.

In 2019, to better align my personal and professional values, I made it my life’s work.

As a devoted family guy, you’ll otherwise find me in a Nerf gun battle with my daughters, drinking craft beer or gasping for oxygen as I hike up a mountain.

I hope to see you. Here’s to your possibilities,


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